Nursery Baby Wall Decor


35677492_mChoosing nursery baby wall decor is one of the most fun and exciting things that parents can do in anticipation of the arrival of their newborn. Most of the other preparations have to do with baby health safety – real serious stuff. But nursery decor is not a life and death issue. It’s a chance for pure fun and enjoyment. And since there are so many other things like morning sickness, cramps and cravings which are not quite as much fun, make the best of what you can enjoy.

It’s fun, but it’s not just only about fun. Nursery decor is also a means of communication. You are sending a message to your newborn, although, of course, he might not understand it right away. You are telling your new baby, “You are important to us. You are so important that we made this special place for you in our home.”

Nobody else would want what baby likes. If you decorate a teenager’s room like a nursery, he will take it as an insult. As the child matures and his preferences change, the way you communicate the message will also change. But the message will always be the same throughout his life. Starting from the first day you bring your child home, and the first time you lay him in his own crib in his own room designed especially for him, you are trying to make him understand, “We’re glad that you came to live with us, and that’s why we made this special place for you.”


How Do You Choose Baby Room Colors?

When you choose baby nursery color schemes, there are some things to keep in mind. Colors can be used to affect the mood and behavior of people. For example, some restaurant chains use lots of bright red and yellow combinations because they know that these colors increase the apatite of their customers. In some areas, blue street lights have been installed to reduce crime. Every color affects people in some way. If that is true with adults, it is also true with children, including newborns; and parents can use baby nursery color schemes to their advantage.

12515141_sKeep in mind that your newborn didn’t have much to see before birth. Colors are a new experience to him, and they will attract his attention. A newborn baby’s fascination with colors is a tool that parents can use to great advantage to form patterns of mood and behavior, and healthy patterns can remain with him for a lifetime.

Certain colors are classified as “warm,” and others are classified as “cool.” Warm colors include red, yellow, and orange, and these tend to stimulate. Cool colors include blue and green, and these pacify and calm and soothe. Since the baby’s nursery, and specifically his crib, is the place where you want your baby to have a good napping experience, it is recommended to use cool colors, visible to baby as he is put down to sleep. Remember, if the baby doesn’t sleep well, probably nobody else in the house will sleep well either.

But it’s not all just that simple. You’re not going to have just one color visible in your nursery. And since every color has it’s own different benefits, it might be good to know the effects of each so that you can coordinate the colors in the infant’s sleep and play areas.


      • RED – stimulates passion, excitement, and emotion. Red attracts the attention of children because it is the boldest and hottest of all colors. Red energizes and excites the body and tends to energize the body by raising blood pressure and increasing heart rate and respiration. The color red can boost athletic ability and increase aggression. The distracting power of red can also inhibit concentration and detract from learning and academic performance. In some cases it can cause headaches.
      • YELLOW – produces cheerful, lively, and energetic feelings. Yellow tends to promote concentration and stirs emotional thoughts. The color yellow tends to improve memory function, increase metabolism, and generate feelings of happiness. However, too much yellow can also over stimulate a child, resulting in fussiness, anger, and feelings of frustration.
      • ORANGE – induces feelings of warmth, friendship, and a desire for friendly social interaction. Orange promotes conversation and gives a sense of ease. Darker shades of orange is best to promote warm, social relations. Too much bright orange can over-stimulate.
      • BLUE – tends to relax the body and calm the mind. It tends to slow the heart rate, slow respiration, and lower blood pressure. Blue will relieve feelings of anxiety and soften feelings of anxiety. For children who tend to have behavior problems and tantrums, blue can have a calming effect. The color blue can also increase productivity. However, blue will also tend to suppress apatite, and should not be used in excess near food. Grey-blue shades can induce feelings of sadness and depression.
      • GREEN – induces calm and refreshing feelings, and a sense of nurturing. Green also is probably the best color to stimulate learning and concentration. Experiments indicate that the color green enhances reading skills by increasing reading speed and comprehension.
      • GREY – induces contemplation and introspection. It promotes thought and emotion, but those emotions can include sadness, introspection, and loneliness. Since a new baby has no need for this kind of feeling and emotion, use grey sparingly in the nursery, or not at all. Using a lighter tone of grey may reduce its negative effects, but its use is not recommended at all in a baby room.

It is beyond the scope of this article to explain the effects of every color. You may study more about the properties of colors at the links listed below. Because of its educational properties, green is the color recommended to dominate a newborn nursery. Since being a baby is all about learning, use the colors in the nursery to enhance learning and establish it as a life-long pattern.


Should We Use Cute Baby Room Ideas For Girls?

25861148_sFrom the first day you bring your new baby girl home from the hospital and lay her in her crib in her nursery, one thing you need to start teaching her is that her identity as a female is an important asset to be treasured. It does not make her better nor worse than members of the opposite sex. It just makes her different, and that is a difference which is to be respected.

The differences are both physical and emotional. Girls don’t just have different parts. They also have different hormones, and those hormones effect both feelings and behaviors which are present even before the baby girl is born. Feminine hormones produce a nature which tends to more toward nurturing. As a toddler, a girl will naturally love dolls and have more interest in being with babies — especially with girl babies.

Girls are natural nesters. They may also grow up to be successful lawyers, professors, or politicians, but since before they were born they are equipped to be nurturers. The modern feminist movement tries to persuade women, and even young girls, that they should suppress her nurturing nature and seek fulfillment in a career. That is absurd. Having a career is fine, but a girl doesn’t become more fulfilled by suppressing what she is.

Instead of suppressing that nesting nature, bring it out, nurture it, encourage it, and watch it flourish. The best place and time to start is while she is in her own domain. Make it a real palace for the new little princess to flourish. When her nurturing nature begins to emerge, bring it out and encourage it with baby girl nursery themes, girls bedroom decor, and wall decals for girls. Be a wise parent. If you suppress what your baby girl is, it could become the beginning of a lifetime of frustration.


Should We Use Cute Baby Boy Nursery Ideas?

25861146_sJust like baby girls are natural nurturers and nesters, boys are by nature adventurers and heroes. We get into trouble by expecting our little boys to be like our little girls. They will resent that. Boys aren’t equipped with the same hormones that make girls what they are. Girls like Barbie dolls because they want to turn into Barbies. Boys like Superman because he is a hero, and they want to turn into heroes.

Instead of trying to suppressing the adventuring, hero nature of boys, bring it out and encourage it. A boy is also equipped with hormones that will help him enjoy having a family life, but those hormones are not active yet while he is still of nursery age. So choose nursery decor that is age appropriate for him at this stage of his life. If you encourage the nature of a hero and an adventurer, you can give that nature some direction so that, instead of being a bully on the playground he will use his strength to become a defender of the weak.

The nursery is the best place to start encouraging a baby boy to be what he is. Don’t paint his nursery walls with dolls and pink ribbons. It would be better to use pictures of heroes who have used their strength for good – men that he can aspire to be like. Look for boy’s room decorating ideas with adventure themes. Turn his nursery room into a castle that a boy can defend and enjoy.


Should We Use Neutral Baby Room Ideas?

Gender neutral baby rooms are those which are distinctly for baby, but not distinctly for a boy or for a girl. It could be a good idea to use neutral baby room themes if you expect to have more than one child, and if you intend to use the same nursery for each one. With modern technology, parents can usually know the gender of a child several months before the baby is born, and they can plan baby nursery themes accordingly. But you don’t know if the next baby is going to be a boy or a girl, so you might consider choosing nursery wall decor that will be appropriate for either.

Boy and girl twins are a double blessing, and double work. Keeping them in the same nursery, at least when they are new, will cut down a lot on the work. So which gender do you decorate the nursery for? Of course, a nursery for twins of different sexes cannot prefer one or the other. You need neutral baby room themes that will appeal to both.