When You Buy A Baby Crib...


When you buy a baby crib, think of it as an investment in your family. It is very tempting for new or expectant parents to Look for good deal in a cheap baby cribs sale, especially since there are so many other expenses involved in starting a new family. It is very expensive to raise a baby in a modern society, so it’s normal to try to cut corners wherever possible. But when you shop for an infant bed, baby crib bedding sets, and baby crib accessories, keep a few important points in mind:

      • Old, used, and hand-me-down cribs may be unsafe
      • 4 in 1 Convertible cribs can be very cost effective
      • Baby crib – changing table – dresser combos can be a cost-effective investment
      • Make sure you have room before you buy
      • Study baby crib reviews

Beware Of Used Or Cheap Baby Cribs And Free Hand-Me-Downs

CribWhen friends and relatives hear that you’re expecting to be a new parent, you might get a lot of offers from very well-meaning people. You need a crib that you don’t have. They have a crib that they don’t need. They may have an old crib that might have been stored in their attic for years. Your own mom and dad might offer you the same crib that you were raised in. They want to get rid of the clutter. You’re looking for a bargain. But wait! Unless you are a parent under four years old (that doesn’t happen very often), that crib you get from your parents was probably built long before the new safety guidelines were written. Check it out before you accept it. Make sure it has all the safety features mentioned on the Safe Baby Cribs page.

There’s another problem to consider. Even if they are gently used baby cribs, you know nothing about the baby that used it before. It might have been a sick baby. Even if the last baby to use the crib was healthy, you cannot be sure of where the crib has been or for how long, so always be sure to disinfect and thoroughly sanitize the crib, and any other used nursery furniture, with a good, baby-safe disinfectant.

This website recommends that you consider buying a new crib, even if there is another that you could get cheap or for free. By buying new, you can make sure you are getting a crib that is clean and that meets all of the newest safety standards. And always get a new, baby-safe, organic mattress. An old one just isn’t worth the risk.


Consider The Affordable And Practical 4 In 1 Convertible Cribs

16242364_sIf you have a new baby, or about to have one, you are making an 18-year commitment to provide for that child’s needs, and part of that commitment includes providing a place to sleep. Throughout the years leading to adulthood, sleeping needs change. 4 in 1 convertible cribs can help you fulfill your commitment by buying just one bed that will meet all his changing needs, from the first day that he comes home from the hospital, through his adulthood.

A newborn baby crib is designed specially to keep the infant safe, but it is not safe for a toddler, because a growing infant is likely to try to escape from the crib, and he could get a serious injury, falling to the hard floor below. A toddler bed is not safe for a newborn because the baby can fall out accidentally, but it’s perfect for the toddler, because a safety rail will keep him from rolling off in his sleep, and it is close to the ground so the child can crawl out safely. As the child matures, of course, he is feeling too grown up for same bed he used as a preschooler. And as the teenager nears adulthood, he’s grown too big for a child’s bed and needs a full-size accommodation.

4 – 1 convertible crib sets have versatile structures. They start as baby bed sets, and then the parts can be rearranged to meet the needs of the child as he grows from newborn, to toddler, to childhood, to teenager and adult. Is it more to affordable to buy a cheap baby crib under $100 that will only serve him for a year or two? Or is it more cost effective to buy a convertible baby crib which may cost more, but which the child can use all his life, even when he is an adult?


Crib – Changing Tables Combos Save Money, Time, Space, And Sanity

26305438_sEvery nursery furniture set needs at least three things for a newborn: a crib, a changing table, and a dresser. But while you’re looking for cheap nursery furniture sets, consider that the most affordable option could be to combine two, or even all three of these items into one. Especially if your nursery is small, one piece of furniture that serves as two or three can save valuable space.

No matter how adorable your newborn may be, you can be sure that he’s not thinking of ways to make life easier for his parents. If the infant needs attention in the middle of the night when you’re more asleep than awake, or if you’re in a big hurry to get things done while the baby is screaming his head off at you, a crib and changing table combo can make the job go much smoother and faster.

You lift the baby out of his crib and set him on the changing table that is fastened to it. Right below the changing table are the dresser drawers with the diapers, pajamas, powder, creams, lotions, and whatever. Everything is right at hand so that you can almost do everything in your sleep. And, believe me, some nights you might feel like you are asleep when you do it.


Should You Invest In A Baby Cradle Or Bassinet?

Cribs, cradles, and bassinets serve the same basic purpose, but they are practical for different situations. A baby crib is a solid piece of nursery furniture that you would normally expect to keep in one place, just like you would keep your own adult bed in it’s place and don’t expect to move it too often. Cribs are usually heavy and large, and they usually have plenty of room for the baby to play, move around, and grow in. Especially with crib changing tables that have built-in dressers, you put the crib in it’s place and you leave it there.

16592071_sOn the other hand, baby nursery bassinets and cradles are normally much smaller and more portable than nursery cribs. They can be practical in different situations. First, your nursery may be too small for a full sized crib. Second, some new families may be in a situation where they have to move around a lot, so they need a baby bed that can move with them till they can settle down. Third, in some situations, even if the baby has a crib, the parents may want a place where the infant can nap outside of the nursery.

During the first few days of a newborn’s life, while the mother is still recovering from giving birth (especially if she had to give birth by c-section), she may want the baby to sleep close to her so that she can care for him more easily. Also, parents might want to have the baby near them as they work in an office, in the kitchen or in the laundry room, so they can hear the infant when he needs them.

What’s the difference between baby bassinets and cradles? This is not a hard and fast rule, but usually a baby bed that is called a cradle will swing or rock so that a parent can use the gentle motions to soothe the newborn. There are some bassinets that also have rockers, but usually they are solid or can be kept motionless. Cradles and bassinets can be bought in all different sizes and with many different features, but in case you need something that’s little and easy to move, you can usually get a bassinet that is smaller.

The same baby crib safety standards that apply to cribs will also apply to bassinets and cradles. The safest will be solid enough so that a person or a pet won’t be able to knock it over when he accidentally brushes against it. If it has a lining, make sure that the lining is a breathable mesh so that the baby won’t be in danger of suffocation in case he or she rolls over and wedges his face against it.


Baby Moses Basket

32363996_bTravel cot bassinets have been popular since ancient times, ever since that famous mother, Jochebed, made history by floating her baby, Moses, in a basket on the Nile river. Because safety standards have changed since 1600 BC, when Moses was born, this website no longer recommends for your infant the use of any baskets that float in the water.

However, the name sticks. A Baby Moses Basket is just a small cot made to be set in a secure place for the baby to be placed inside. Since they are not always made of strong material, you should never carry a Moses basket bassinet with the baby inside of it. It is not recommended to be set on a table unattended, since there is always the danger of someone accidentally knocking the infant off. The Moses bassinet is just a handy baby container that you can be place on the floor and then lay the infant inside to nap while the parent sits nearby and reads a book by the fireplace.