Baby Nursery Cribs

If you are shopping for a baby, then making a wise choice from a selection of baby nursery cribs must be a very high priority. Getting the exact right crib is more important than what some new parents might think. If you’re about to become a new mom or dad, here are some important points to consider when you shop for a newborn crib:

      • Is this crib safe for my baby?
      • How much room do we have for this crib?
      • How much am I willing to pay?
      • What would be the best baby travel crib?
      • How does this crib match good nursery decoration ideas?

24385566_lYour child has only one chance to be a baby, so good parents will want to make it the best experience possible. Since your newborn will may spend between 13 – 16 hours each day in his crib, it is probably the most important place for your infant, especially during the first few months of his life.

As a new parent, you are just starting to fulfill the responsibilities of an 18-year commitment, and the first months of your responsibility are the most crucial. An important part of your work is to make your new baby’s nursery crib an peaceful sanctuary of security where he can get a good introduction to the world that he has just been born into.


Is This Crib Safe For My Baby?

Convenience, price, and style are optional. Safety is not. A baby’s crib should be the safest place in any home. Unfortunately, each year more than 10,000 infants are injured in their cribs, and more than 60 deaths are caused each year in crib accidents. Almost all of these accidents could be avoided by following a few very basic safety procedures.

Your new baby will be busy learning and exploring the new world that he has just been born into. As your baby grows larger and stronger and more skillful, he will be able to reach into more dangers. He has no concern about safety, so his parents will have to eliminate the dangers by following a few basic baby crib safety guidlines.


How Much Room Do We Have For This Crib?

29503003_sIf there is any doubt at all, measure your nursery to see how large a crib you have room for. A crowded nursery can be a dangerous place, especially as the baby grows. You need to make sure that you keep the crib at least 3 feet away from any window, and at least one foot from any other furniture in the room.

If the crib is too close to a window, the baby can grab a cord or a curtain, and it may cause a choking hazard. If there is other furniture too close, a baby may try to escape from the crib and have an accident getting caught in a gap between the crib and the furniture. Also, if you intend to move the crib from one room to another, you might want to check before you buy to see if the crib is narrow enough to fit through the door without being taken apart every time.

If your nursery space is very limited, you might be wise to invest in a crib, changing tables and dresser combo. That is, a single piece of furniture that has the three most essential necessities of any nursery combined into one. One crib combo takes up a lot less room than a separate changing table, crib, and baby dresser, and it is much more convenient. For more detailed information about a crib-chamger combo, see the For more detailed information about a crib-chamger combo, see the buy baby crib page.


How Much Should We Pay?

Get the best baby crib for your needs, not the cheapest. It is more cost effective to make a wise investment than to make a cheap investment. True, there are several cheap baby cribs under $100 which are safe for your new baby, and some of them will be reviewed on this site. However, before you look for a cheap baby cribs sale, there are some things you might want to consider.

First, do you want your baby’s crib to serve him for just a few months, or do you want a bed that he can use for the rest of his life? 4 in 1 convertible cribs are the answer to many family problems. These convenient items can be set up as infant sleeper beds when the baby is new. As the infant grows, the same baby bed cot can be converted into an infant toddler crib. Later the same furniture can be converted into a child size bed, and then into a full size bed. In the end, getting one good bed that lasts a lifetime may be cheaper than getting several different beds which will just clutter the house when you are done with them.

How many children do you intend to have? If you’re expecting just one, then a 4 in 1 crib may be the best investment. But if you expect to have more than one child, you might want just one good durable crib that you can hand down to the next baby that comes along. In that case you need a crib that is solid enough to endure the trauma of more than just one baby.


What Would Be The Best Baby Travel Crib?

We would all prefer to be able to put our babies to sleep every night in familiar surroundings, in their own nurseries where they can to rest with a sense of security. Unfortunately, that ideal situation is not always the reality. Sometimes travel is unavoidable, and when a baby has to be on the road with the family, he needs a good baby travel bed. You might not be provided with a good baby cot in a motel or in a home where you are a guest, and even if these are equipped with a baby travel bed, you might not know before hand how safe or clean it is. The safest thing to do is to have your own so that you know what you’ve got. Traveling with an infant can be hectic. If an infant can’t sleep well on the road, it’s likely to make the trip quite unpleasant for everyone. Make sure you have a convenient baby travel cot that makes travel easier instead of adding to the frustration.


What are some good nursery decoration ideas?

Baby room decorations are more important than most people think, and the crib that you choose will have to coordinate with the appearance of the nursery decorations. The colors in the nursery can affect your baby’s mood and behavior, and they can comfort, stimulate or relax. Decorating the nursery is lots of fun, but it is also very important because your baby will react to the colors and images that you surround him with. To learn more about baby room decorations, visit the page on nursery decorating ideas for more information on how nursery baby wall decor and colors can affect your affect your baby.

Be sure to get some good baby room decorating ideas.